Create a Volunteer Package

  1. Navigate to Control > Administration > Tools > Volunteer Library.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a name and description for the volunteer package (the description field is optional). There is a check box labeled "Sphere Only”. If this is checked it will only allow the positions in this volunteer package to be selected by administrators in your organization through the backend of Sphere.
  4. Click Save when you are done and the package you just created will now be available to manage.
  5. Scroll over the name of the package you just created and manage options will appear.
    • Tip:  If you select Properties than you will be able to edit the fields you just created the volunteer package with

Setup Volunteer Projects (These can be used in a thon or FAF event)

  1. Navigate to Control > Administration > Tools > Volunteer Library
  2. Hover over your Project and select Manage.
  3. Under Positions tab create the actual position name (ex. Booth Attendant). If selected, the Leadership Position checkbox will special flag this position as a leadership position.
  4. Click on the Locations tab. Enter the different locations these volunteer positions apply.
  5. Click the Timeslots tab. Under the Timeslots menu you will enter all the times available for the different positions you set up under the Positions tab.
Arrange volunteer projects
  1. You need to associate the locations and times you have created with the volunteer positions.
  2. From the Volunteer Positions down menu select a position.
  3. From the Volunteer Location drop down select all the locations that need the position that you selected.
  4. Select the Timeslot that applies to the position and location you set up.
    • If there is a limited number of volunteer positions available for a particular volunteer opportunity enter the number in the positions available box.
    • Note: We will automatically disable this position from being selected once this number has been reached. If it is left empty than an unlimited number of people can register for this position.
  5. Click Submit to create each volunteer opportunity.
  6. Review the volunteer opportunity packages you have created.  Click on the edit or delete links to modify or delete an opportunity package.
  7. After you have completed entering all your volunteer opportunities click Finish.

 After creating your volunteer opportunities, you are now able to use them in Thon:

  1. Scroll over your Thon event name and select Website Info.
  2. Click Web site Features.
  3. To enable, select the Volunteer Registration checkbox 
  4. Select the Participant Role Option checkbox if you would like to provide your volunteers with a personal friends asking friends page they can use to help your organization fund raise.
  5. Select the project as desired.