Cannot click on Reenroll link when logged in as a parent trying to start an Online Reenrollment Form

When a parent attempts to access an Online Reenrollment (ORE) form, the link may be inactive.  The option to Reenroll is only text and not an actual hyperlink that will start the form.  The end user will be unable to click on the reenroll link to start the form.
Confirm the form is not suspended:
  1. Login to NetCommunity
  2. Navigate to Site ExplorerForms
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the form
  4. Click the Properties tab
  5. If Suspend Form is marked, unmark it and click Save
Reenrollment forms can only be in process by one user at a time.  If one parent starts the form the other parent will not be able to click the Reenroll link.  The user that starts the form must be the one that finishes the form unless the form is deleted.

Confirm that the form is already in process by another user:
  1. Login to NetCommunity as Supervisor
  2. Click Site ExplorerForms
  3. Click the Data tab
  4. Search for the student name
  5. If the form has already been started by another parent, that parent must return to finish filling out the form. OR the form started will need to be deleted in order for the other parent to start the form. 
If the form has already been submitted, check to see if the form allows only one submission:
  1. Login to NetCommunity as Supervisor
  2. Click Site Explorer > Forms
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the affected Reenrollment form to check the setup
  4. Click the Login tab
  5. Check to see if the Allow only one form submission option is marked. If so, and the form is submitted by one parent, both parents will be unable to click the reenroll link to start a second form.  Deleting the form from the Forms, Data tab as a Supervisor will allow for the form to be filled out again.
In addition, if the form has been submitted, but not yet processed in the plugin, the Reenroll link will not be clickable. Processing the form in the plugin will re-enable the link. If the form was deleted from the plugin before it was processed you will either need to delete the form from the data tab, or re-submit the form to the plugin and process it to make the Reenroll link active again.

If there are no forms in process for the student and you are still unable to start the reenrollment form, we suggest creating a new reenrollment form each year:
  1. Create a new Form Display Part.
  2. Duplicate the Reenrollment form.
  3. Add the new Reenrollment Form to the new Form Display Part.
  4. Cut the old Form Display form the page.
  5. Insert the new Form Display Part on the page.
  6. You should now be able to process re-enrollments.


 6.41.537, patch 1 ; 6.15.465, patch 64

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