Use professionally designed Sphere templates as a baseline, or create your own template. The template you use determines the site's structure.

Please note: for additional design assistance, Chat With Support and reference this article. . Blackbaud Support will evaluate the issue and determine if it is within the Scope of Support, or if professional design assistance is required for further troubleshooting.

To select a default Web site template to use as a baseline:
  1.     Select Content > Content Management System.
  2.     In the Content Management System page, highlight the Web site and select Manage Website.
  3.     In the CMS Website page, click Select Site Template from the Site Design group.
  4.     In the Site Design page, click Edit.
  5.     In the resulting Site Design window, perform the following steps:
    •     For Site Template, select the Web site  template you want to use as a baseline.
    •     Click Update.
  6.     To preview the design you selected, in the CMS Website page select the Content Management tab.
To create a custom Web site template:
  1.     In the CMS Web site page, click the Add Custom Template link.
  2.     In the Site Design page for the Web site, click Edit.
  3.     In the resulting Site Design window, perform the following steps:
    •     For Site Template, select Custom Template.
    •     For Kintera Definition File (KDF), perform the following steps:
      1. If the KDF file is already uploaded in Sphere, click Select. Choose the desired file from the list.
      2. If you are importing a KDF file, click Upload and In the resulting window, perform the following steps:
      3. For File 1, click Browse to locate and select the KDF file that contains information regarding your site structure. You can create the KDF file using (what?) Adobe Dreamweaver plug-in.
      4. For Title, enter a title.
      5. For Description, enter a brief statement describing the KDF you are importing.
      6. For Keywords, enter search keywords.
      7. Select the Overwrite existing destination files if you want to overwrite any KDFs you have imported if you have previously created a custom template.
      8. Click Upload.
    • In the Site design window, click Update.