Unable to link the Memorial/Tribute receiver in the Sphere Connector

User is unable to link the recipient of a memorial or tribute gift in the Connector. After the recipient has been searched and located, double clicking on the receivers name, or clicking open, does not prompt the name to populate in the Linked Tribute Information fields. This may also occur when attempting to search and choose an Acknowledgee in the same Link Tribute Information window.

To link Tribute information:
  1. Click on Config in The Raiser's Edge
  2. Click Fields
  3. Click Honor/Memorial
  4. Ensure that the all fields except Tribute Type are not marked as Required
  5. If they are, uncheck the Required box(es)
To link a tribute with Acknowledgee information:
  • The reason why the Tribute record will not link to an Acknowledgee is because even though the Acknowledgee may have a record in The Raiser's Edge, it don't exist on the Relationships tab of the donor's record.
  • If the Tribute record will not link, click Add New to create the Relationship record that will enable the tribute to be linked successfully.
  • Keep in mind that this will not create a duplicate record in The Raiser's Edge, but rather just add the record to the Relationships tab of the donor
If Acknowledgee is the same as the Tributee: 

In some situations the following message may appear: "Acknowledgee cannot be the same as Tributee. Relationship was not created." This happens when attempting to process a Tribute where the Tributee is the same as the Acknowledgee. If the Acknowledgee is the tribute (same person), you cannot create a relationship in Raisers Edge since a constituent cannot be related to themselves. 

Here are some ways to still process this transaction: 
  • Create a duplicate record for the constituent so that you can relate the constituent to themselves
  • Preferably enter the gift manually into Raisers Edge and delete it from the connector


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