Within FundWare:
  1. Have all Users log out of Accounts Payable
  2. Ensure there is a valid backup of the Division
  3. In FundWare Select Financial Institutions, Bank Reconciliation, Open.
  4. Select Register.
  5. Highlight the voided check and click Delete
  6. Exit out of FundWare

On the FundWare Server:
  1. Open the FundWare Folder
  2. Double Click the 7.XX Folder where XX is the current version of FundWare
  3. Open the Bin Folder and double click the APCheckMaintSetup.exe file.
  4. Select the division from the drop down menu and click start.  

NOTE: This will rebuild the ##ocd file and synchs it with the fiatransaction table. ## indicates the Division number.