Error: File upload failed. You do not have permission. Please check with the administrator.

When using Blackbaud Hosting Services users may or may not receive the following error when trying to upload documents to the Files Folder

Error: File upload failed. <filename> You do not have permission.  Please check with the administrator.

Possible Causes:
  • Access to the Files folder has not yet been setup.
  • User is uploading files before navigating to the Files folder for their specific SiteID.
  • User is not logging into the files folder properly.
Note: It also possible that the the user does not experience the error but is still unable to navigate folders or upload files. 
Try each of the following until issue is resolved :
  1. Ensure the Blackbaud Hosting Services Files folder access has been setup correctly.  See How to Setup and Access the Blackbaud Hosting Services Files folder.
  2. Then enter the correct Site ID in the Enter Site ID box on the screen and click Go before using the Upload Files option ensuring that the "/" precedes the Site ID (e.g. /SiteID).
  3. Delete and Recreate the affected hosting username and repeat step 2 to log into the Files Folder.
  4. Ensure that all unneeded files that do not need to reside in the Files Folder on a permanent basis for your hosted application to function properly are deleted and attempt to upload again.
If issue persists then Contact Support and reference this article. 


 Raiser's Edge 7

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