It is suggested when adding Historical Data Items to your Payroll System that you copy to a test division so everything can be tested there before implementing in your live division.
Once an Historical Data Item is added to your system, it cannot be removed, although it can be changed.

To add an Employer Benefit, it will be set up in Payroll, Setup, Historical Data Items, as a History Type "O" for other.
When selecting A to Add, the First prompt that comes up after typing in a Data Item name for the Benefit is "Use Data Item".
Hit the F1 key at this point and different data items provided in the Fundware Toolbox will display.
There are several that can be selected depending on how you record benefit amounts for an employee, such as for Employer Provided Health Insurance.
All rates and amounts should be entered with a per calculation value (i.e. if the amount of a benefit should reach $200.00 per month, and pay is bi - monthly, the amount should be $100.00).
The templates that may work are:

BEN AMT  Benefit - amount
BEN L AMT  Benefit with edited amount
BEN L RTE  Benefit - edited rate
BEN LM     Benefit with limit
BEN RATE   Benefit - rate
BEN TABLE  Benefit -table

Each of these templates will feed into the data item you are setting up and once in field 8, there is an explanation of how they work. There are notes there indicating that an employee data item will be set up at the same time the Historical Data Item is, that will then be available to add to the Employee Screen.

These Benefits will not be taxable and will not effect the amount of the employees Earnings or Net Pay.

The templates can also be printed out prior to using them by going to Report Manager, Module Payroll/Personnel, Report Category System Lists.  Select Setup List and once in the production screen mark the radio button for Toolbox and mark the checkbox for Other, which is the category used for Benefits.

As you proceed through the fields that will prompt, you can elect in field 6, whether or not you want it to post to your General Ledger.  If you are already handling it through other means, you don't have to post it to General Ledger, but the option is there.

Instead of adding an historical data item from the toolbox, you can also add one by copying from existing data items that are similar. If the prompt for "Use Data Item" is not answered, the next prompt will be "Copy Data Item" and there you can select one of your existing data items to copy and modify.

For detailed descriptions of all the fields refer to your Payroll/Personnel User Guide.