Changing the privacy setting for a field under Field Options will only affect new records or records which do not have a linked NetCommunity username. Changing the privacy will not retroactively change this for existing records, who have a linked user to NetCommunity, in a directory or profile form.

If new users are added while the field options are set as public, the fields will be marked as public.  If new users are added while the fields are marked private, their fields will be private. If privacy edit is enabled for Profile Forms, the user has the ability to change the privacy of the fields. 

To change the default:
  1. From Administration, click Field optionsField options appears and lists the profile fields.
  2. By default, all fields are private. To make a profile field public by default, select its checkbox in the Public by Default column. To make fields Private, unmark the box
  3. When finished, click Save


  • Changing these options will affect Organization constituent records at any time
  • Changing these options will not retroactively affect records who have a NetCommunity username/password, including users who have a deleted username
  • Changing these options will affect records who are not linked to a NetCommunity username/password