Make a full backup before using this command.  Everyone must be signed out of FundWare during this process.  It is vital that this task complete without interruption. If the power goes down, an error message is displayed, or any other events cause the task to halt before completion, you must restore from backup.  Once a year is purged or saved there is no way to get the detail back other than a restore.

The year you are going to save/purge and all prior years must be unlocked to posting.

Many clients will elect to copy their live division to an archive division for historical purposes. They then purge in the live division to be able to work with smaller data sets.

This task normally requires substantial time and disk space. You must have twice as much disk space free as the largest data file plus its index file (usually, the ##CSK are the largest files).

When the Purge/Save feature is used, the program will automatically reorg the files as part of the process, leaving condensed files with no empty records.

This task has two functions: Purge and Save. Purge removes all information in the General Ledger and/or Project/Grant modules for the year specified. This includes detail journal entries, as well as the summary balances.   A Save will normally give enough disk space back to be sufficient.

Save removes only the detail of the journal entries while retaining summary balances. This option allows you to produce historical comparison reports showing multiple years. Once a year is saved, it cannot be re-opened for data entry.  Reports that print balances (i.e., Balance Sheet) can be produced for the saved year , but transaction reports (i.e. Ledger) are not obtainable.

To purge a year, the following year's beginning balances must be unlocked. This can be done through General Ledger > Lock Periods/Years to Posting.

To Purge or Save the Year :

  1.         From General Ledger, select Year End Processing.
  2.         Click the Purge /Save Fiscal Year tab.
  3.         Select the appropriate ID Type.
  4.         Select the Fiscal Year End.  This year and all previous years will be purged.
  5.         Select the appropriate Process Option (Purge Detail or Save Summary Balances).
  6.         If you select Purge Detail, you will be given the option to purge inactive accounts at the same time.  Accounts with activity will not be purged.
  7.         Click OK.

If there are no years in the Year End drop-down box, this usually means a year is locked, the year must be unlocked:

  1.         Select General Ledger, Lock Periods/Years to Posting.
  2.         Select the appropriate ID Type.
  3.         If a year shows unlocked, expand the year and check the Locked to Posting boxes.
  4.         Make sure the Status for the year shows locked.
  5.         Click OK.
Once the years are unlocked, if the Purge/Save Year screen was still open, exit the screen and reopen to register the changes made to the locked years.
Another reason the drop-down could be blank is if no years on the system have ever been closed. Go through the post and roll routines on the earliest year showing in the date table and there should then be selections in the purge drop-down.

Further details are available in your FundWare General Ledger and Project Grant User Guide found on your system under Fundware\data\User documentation.