To enter an offline donation to credit a team or group:

  1. Navigate to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon 
  2. Hover over your Kinterathon event, then click Bookkeeping
  3. Click the Gift Entry link
  4. To make an entry, you can search the database to see if the individual or organization is already existed to avoid creating a duplicate contact.  
    - If the individual or organization is not in the database, click the New button. 
    - If the individual or organization is found in the database, mark the radio button next to the donors name (DO NOT CLICK THE NAME OF THE PARTICIPANT. Doing so will take you to the supporters contact record.)  
  5. Within the second search area, select Group/Team Name from the dropdown menu and locate the team to which donor would like to credit with the offline donation. To credit the donation to the event in general click None in this step instead of searching.  
  6. Enter the payment amount, designation (if applicable) and donor information, ensuring all required fields are filled out.
  7. Complete the remaining fields as required.
  8. Click Submit.