Membership card is not added to a record when the membership was purchased through Online Sales

Users may want to print membership cards, but notice that no membership card is listed on the constituent record if the constituent purchased a membership online, whether it be a new membership or a renewal.
This will happen if no expiration date was assign to the original membership card on the membership. To see if this is the case, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the constituent record, and click on the Memberships tab. 
  2. Click the hyperlinked name of the Membership to take you to the constituent's Membership record.
  3. Navigate to the Membership card area. Note that there is no expiration date on the membership card. 
  4. If this constituent has renewed/rejoined the membership program recently and a card needs to be issued, expand and Cancel the current card.
  5. Then, click Issue new card and set the correct name and expiration date. Click Save.
  6. This card will pull into your next Print Membership Card process.

If you're looking to see what other memberships in the system may have recently had sales orders but were not issued cards, use the steps below: 

Use a query to group all online membership sales and then manually issue and print membership cards.
1.     Create a sales order query with the criteria:
  • Sales Method Type is equal to Online Sales
  • AND Sales Order Item/Type is equal to Membership
  • AND Transaction Date [choose the specific date or date range you wish to include]
2.     Using the query results as a guide to go to each sales order
3.     From each sales order, go to the membership record
4.     On the Summary tab of the membership, issue and print a membership card

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Purchase or renew membership via online sales.
  2. Navigate to constituent membership record. 
  3. Notice that no membership card was issued from the online sales transaction from BBNCAppPool



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