Try the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Ensure the cursor is inside the Patron search field by clicking inside the search box before scanning the Membership card
  2. Ensure that the Membership ID or Card number match the card assigned to the patron on the membership record.  
  3. Manually remove the asterisks at the beginning and end of the card number in the patron search screen and attempt to search again
  4. If this card was generated from a merge document outside of Altru, ensure the merge field is as follows *<<MEMBERSHIP ID>>*
    1. Note that the above field may also be other scannable fields, such as *<<LOOKUPID>>* or <<CARDNUMBER>>

The following fields require an * outside of the brackets of the merge field:
  • Membership ID
  • Lookup ID
These fields should look like this in your file, *<<LOOKUPID>>* or *<<MEMBERSHIP ID>>*. Card Number does not require you to place * around the merge field. 

In addition, bar codes should be in a standard format (3 of 9 font) without any bolding.