Step 1: Copy and paste the Social Bookmarking code into the CMS
  1. Find the code from a social bookmarking service such as or
  2. Login to Sphere
  3. Navigate to Content > Content Management System 
  4. Hover over your website and click Manage Website
  5. Select the Administer tab
  6. Select the Add Ons sub tab
  7. Click Edit
  8. Paste your code into the box beside Social Bookmarking & Sharing 
    • Note: There are two boxes in this section - one is for secure pages, and the other is for non-secure.
    • If you are pasting your code into the Secure Social Bookmarking & Sharing area, ensure that the script is using https instead of http
      • Example: <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  9. Click Update All next to one or more of the following types of pages in your site:
    • Web Tool
    • Content
    • Form
Step 2: Download and Update your template.
  • You will need to insert the code below into the template where you want your social bookmarking tool to show up:
    • <kintera:quicklinks>
    •  <kintera:SocialShare />
    • </kintera:quicklinks>
Step 3: Enable the Social Bookkeeping 
  1. In the Content Management system, select the Content Management tab
  2. Select the Site Structure sub tab
  3. Locate the desired page where Social Bookkeeping will be enabled 
  4. Click to open the page
  5. Select the Properties tab
  6. Underneath Show, mark the box beside Social Bookmark Link
  7. Click Ok to save your changes
  8. Publish the page