Typically, Sphere will send a charge to the donor's bank "in good faith" for the transaction.  Some banks may post this to the donor's account to verify that the account is active.  Once the payment processes, it will also be posted to the donor's bank account.  When the final payment has posted, the "in good faith" transaction should drop.  This can take anywhere from a few hours to 7 business days to occur with the donor's bank.

If both payments show as processed on the donor's monthly statement, chat with Support and reference this article and please provide the following information so we can investigate and resolve this issue:
  • Payment/Reference ID for the transaction
  • Donor's name
  • Payment Date
  • Payment Amount
  • Credit Card Mask
  • Name on credit card
  • Record of posting to bank account (screen shot or copy of Blackbaud section of statement is sufficient)