The Constituents who show up in The Raiser's Edge query but appear to not have a Blackbaud NetCommunity user account previously did have a Blackbaud NetCommunity account that was linked to The Raiser's Edge, but the Blackbaud NetCommunity account was deleted without first breaking the link to The Raiser's Edge.

To resolve this follow these steps:
  1. Log into Blackbaud NetCommunity with a supervisor account and navigate to the Users screen.
  2. Search for the user in question in Blackbaud NetCommunity by checking the "deleted" box in the search section.
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the deleted user in question.
  4. Click the link to Undelete the user and generate a signup transaction
  5. Lot into The Raiser's Edge and click the Blackbaud NetCommunity plug-in link in the left sidebar
  6. Process the new signup transaction for this newly un-deleted user, making sure to properly link this user to the existing constituent record in The Raiser's Edge.
  7. In Blackbaud NetCommunity, edit the user by clicking the pencil icon in the row for this user in the Users screen.
  8. Click the button to "Break the Link" to the user's Raiser's Edge record.
The user will no longer show up in The Raiser's Edge query. Note that The Raiser's Edge Integration Service needs to run in order for you to see the result of the actions you take in Blackbaud NetCommunity in The Raiser's Edge. The Integration Service will run according to the settings in Blackbaud NetCommunity under Administration, Configuration (for Blackbaud NetCommunity version 6.10) or Administration, Sites, Settings, Service Scheduling (for Blackbaud NetCommunity 6.15 and later).