When filling out an Online Admission, Online Re-Enrollment, or common form there is a timeout, and all data is lost

When a parent or student accesses either a new or saved Online Application (OLA), Online Reenrollment (ORE), or common form, after entering information in several fields on the page, clicking to save or submit the form or to proceed to the next step, the form times out, and all entered data disappears and is lost. The information can be lost if the user takes too long filling out the form and the form times out as a result.
Online Admission, Online Re-Enrollment, and common forms time out after 15 minutes if the site visitor has not either saved the form, submitted the form or proceeded to the next step. This will occur whether the user is logged in or not. This time out setting cannot be adjusted as it is built into the software.

If your form includes a large number of fields for the site visitor to fill out and/or includes fields that will require lots of detail or time for the visitor to prepare, it is advisable to include prominent instructions on the page where your form is displayed, encouraging the visitor to click save frequently and to compose length sections of the form in an offline text editor such as Microsoft Word or Notepad. Content composed offline can then be copied and pasted into the form without risk of loss of the information.



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