There will be two files returned with WealthPoint Rating.  One file will be formatted to be imported into the system designated during the project and another file with more general information. 

File to Import:
This file will contain any ID's and columns necessary to import the WealthPoint Rating?.

File with General Information:
This file will contain general Biographical information and the fields below.  This file is not designed to be imported into a database and should not be formatted for import. 
Real EstateReal estate values from CoreLogic matched on multiple addresses
Private Company OwnershipYes / No indicator showing ownership of company
Larkspur Wealth IndicatorY/N
Who’s Who IndicatorY/N
Stock Holdingstotal amount of public stocks found
Stock Optionstotal amount of public options found counted at 50%
Philanthropic IndicatorY/N from NOZA exact match database indicating individual was listed in that file
Total Estimated Assetstotal score using assets found
Rating (A-G)See What is What is WealthPoint Rating? for more information

WealthPoint Data Sources