You can view logged in users from two locations in the software.

The System Administration HomePage:
1.  Open FundWare and select the 00 System Administration division.
2.  Select HomePage to view Logged in Users. The list will show users logged into all divisions.

The delete task removes selected entries from the display in the event that a user was unable to log out properly (i.e., is listed but no longer logged into FundWare).  Deleting users in this screen removes them from the list, and does not disconnect their log in at their machine.

The View, Logged in Users task:
1.  Open FundWare, select the division you want to view the logged in users.
2.  Once the division is open, select View at the top of the screen.
3.  Select Logged In Users.

This screen will show what is seen on the System Administration HomePage but only for this division.  Users cannot be deleted from this screen.


You can view users logged in from the server.
The list of users in the System Administration HomePage is not always accurate due to users not always signing off correctly, or not being able to log off correctly due to system disconnections.  Users can be disconnected at the Terminal Server Manager to ensure no one is logged into FundWare.
1.  From the server desktop, click on Start, select Programs, select Administrative Tools, select Terminal Server Manager.
2.  Highlight the user, select Action and select Disconnect User.