Create a Windows Scheduled Task that runs with startup
  1. Click Start > Administrative Tools
  2. Select Task Scheduler
  3. Click Create Basic Task
  4. Give the task a name and description
  5. Select "When the computer starts" for the Trigger
  6. Select "Start a Program" for the action and browse to the SQL snapshot utility

The SQL Snapshot utility can use a variety of switches, so be sure to include the necessary switches:

/AUTO:X Creates an automatic snapshot every X  seconds where X is between 3 and 300
/ROLL:X Creates a rolling log file after X snapshots were taken where X is between 5 and 5000
/LOGFOLDER:X where X is the log file path (not file name)
/LOGFILEPREFIX:Y where Y is a string that will be prepended to the standard log file name

NOTE: SQLSnap2006.exe can be found in the .. \bbappfx\vroot\browser\SQLSnap2006 folder found on a webserver.