Blackbaud's Cell PhoneFinder service screens a group of constituent records in your database against a group of national consumer databases. If an exact match is made, cell phone numbers are returned.   After the screening is complete, we send a data file to append the cell phone numbers. The new phone numbers will be added with a phone type of Cell PhoneFinder and any existing phone numbers on the constituent remain unchanged. The cell phone append process adds or appends the updated phone number to the list of numbers for that constituent.  Afterwards,  any phone numbers that are not needed or are out of date can be manually deleted.  

The Cell PhoneFinder append takes up to 5 business days to process once the file is received.

Follow the instructions below to find cell phone numbers using Cell PhoneFinder:
  1. Create and send the export file 
  2. Download and import the cell phone numbers 

For more information on Cell PhoneFinder, contact your account manager.