1. Go to Communities > Forms: Single Step Donation
  2. Hover over your form and click Webinfo Checklist
  3. Select option 2: Donation Form Options
  4. Click the gray tab for Donation Levels
  5. Mark the checkbox next to "Enable Donation Levels - these will appear at the top of the form"
  6. Enter a description for the donation level and the dollar amount increment
  7. Click Add
  8. Click on Membership, Merchandise, or Tokens to add incentives accordingly
  9. Repeat as necessary until all levels have been added
  10. Choose either the Minimum or Maximum radio button beneath "When donor selects a Donation Level, populate the Donation Amount with:"
  11. Click Save
  12. Click Update Your Event Now to apply changes to the form
Additional notes:
  • Donation Levels will not appear if you click "Preview" for the form. You will need to click "Go" from the Webinfo Checklist, or copy the URL for the form into your browser to see them.
  • The Donation Level box appears at the top of the form by default and cannot be moved without additional customizations.
  • Donation Levels appear in descending order by default and cannot be rearranged without additional customizations.