How to research payment information

A transaction failed or may be missing from a report or Bookkeeping>Manage Initiative Records, or you want to confirm a transaction was successful, deleted, or double charged.  This solution describes how the Sphere administrator can research payment information. This research can be completed through Sphere and also with the assistance of a Sphere Customer Support Analyst if needed.
  1. Confirm all appropriate initiatives are not in Preview mode.  Live credit cards will not be processed and will show as a failed transaction if entered in Preview mode.
  2. A user can run a Payment Details Report to determine the reversal reason of a transaction, if it was reversed by the organization.
  3. A user may also run an Activity Summary report to locate failed recurring transactions.
  4. If the payment is expected to be processed by Paypal, refer to PayPal transactions are not showing in Sphere. 

If the transaction is not located in Sphere or for additional information,Chat with Support and reference this article.   An analyst may be able to locate the failed transaction description or the payment's status.  In order to do so, please provide the following in your request:

  • Payment or Reference ID (can be located on the Summary tab of the contact record if transaction shows through the Activity Summary Report)
  • Payment date (either specifically or a date range)
  • Last name on card
  • Credit Card Mask
  • Supporter ID
  • Donor's email address



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