Private document uploaded is visible by anyone - when uploading document through document part, Online Admission form, or Online Reenrollment form

Access to a sensitive and/or private documents uploaded via a Documents part, an Online Admission (OLA), or an Online Reenrollment (ORE) form may not be restricted and is visible to everyone. Documents uploaded to an Online Admission (OLA) or Online Reenrollment (ORE) form using a document part, that has targeting and security defined, may not ensure that the document inherits the targeting and security, rather everyone is granted view rights of the document. 
In previous versions of Blackbaud NetCommunity, documents that were uploaded through an Online Admissions (OLA) or Online Reenrollment (ORE) form would not inherit the targeting and security from the document part. This would allow the documents to be viewed by everyone. Download and install the latest version and patch if applicable.

Once NetCommunity has been upgraded to version 6.64 or higher, all new documents uploaded will inherit the targeting and security set up in the documents part. 

For documents uploaded on a NetCommunity site version 6.64 and higher: 
Make sure to set the appropriate role-based access in the Targeting & Security settings for both the page that contains the Documents part as well as on the Documents part itself

Note: This is not a retroactive change. All documents that were uploaded to the NetCommunity site prior to an upgrade to version 6.64 or before targeting and security was set on the documents part, will have to have the targeting and security changed for each document manually


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