Where can I go to see outstanding or pledge payments?

Payments are scheduled on contact records, and need to be reported or queried on.  Where can I go to do that?
There are a few ways to accomplish this.  One of which is the Pledge Status Report (found through one of the two options below).  This by default provides a status of Received or Open status, with Open being outstanding.  Please note that these reports can be edited through Excel or the reports filters, for date range and status if you needed to exclude previous payment attempts.

Notes: The Payments and Gifts query limit the payment status to Failed, Received, Full Reversal, or Partial Reversal, and do not reflect pending or scheduled transaction.

How to access the pledge status report/Recurring Donation Report:


1. Go to Control > Report Center
2. Go to the Report Templates Tab

3. For the Pledge Status Report, do the following:
    a. Expand the Donor Management folder/section
    b. Click the Pledge Status Report hyperlink

4. For the Recurring Donation Report, do the following:
    a. Expand the Summary folder/section
    b. Click the Recurring Donation Report hyperlink


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