Reversed transactions that had originally been paid for online (via credit card or ACH) cannot be re-instated. This is because the reversal generates a deposit of the funds to be made back into the supporter's bank account. To resolve, the organization will need to contact the supporter to request payment information to manually re-enter the transaction.

If the reversed transaction originally had an offline payment method such as cash or check, a Sphere user can re-enter the transaction manually.
To obtain the original data to assist in re-creating the gift:
  1. Go to Contacts > Individuals
  2. Search for the account name the transaction was completed under
  3. Click on the Interactions tab
  4. Click on the Activities sub-tab
The Sphere user can use the information on this screen such as amounts, dates, payment types, etc., to recreate the entry under Bookkeeping of the correct initiative.

Note: For offline payment reversals, an organization can also request a backup of the database from Blackbaud to be restored. This method is not recommended, however, since the information is backed up from the previous day and will subsequently overwrite any new information entered the same day as the restore.