1. Update the donor's information so that it reflects correctly on his or her contact record
  2. Create a PDF Receipts Report within the initiative
  3. Mark the radio button beside the receipt you want to reissue
  4. Click the Reissue link at the top
  5. Confirm that you want to Reissue the receipt (note: it is important to ensure that you selected the right receipt, as a Reissue will Void the receipt you select and create a new one)
  6. View the new receipt as follows:
    1. Go to Contacts > Individuals
    2. Search for and locate the donor
    3. Hover over Manage and click Manage Contact
    4. Click the Interactions tab
    5. Click the Activities sub-tab
    6. Click the Confirmation link next to the donation
    7. Click the "Here" link next to "Get your PDF donation receipt"
Also see Reissuing a PDF Receipt to learn what takes place during a reissue, and what you see in the report after the reissue.