Create Contact List Receiving Note:
1. Export a list of contacts that includes only the Supporter ID. 
2. Add Headers to the CSV export
- Note Type
- Note Subject
- Note Description
3. Fill out Subject and Description fields for all supporter ID's in the CSV file
4. Save the CSV file

Import Note:
1. Go to Control > Import Center
2. Click New Import
3. Choose Category: Constituent Interactions
4. Choose Template: Notes and click Next
5. Click Browse and find file on desktop
6. Click Upload, then click Next
7. Click Radio Button "Supporter ID and Subject."
8. Map the Source Fields to the Sphere Database Fields and click Next
Ex: Note Description <-> Description
9. Choose Note type
10. Enter in default note description (this can be the same as the description you have in your excel file)
11. Click Next
12. Click Next
13. Click Finish

When is import is compete, note can be found on the contact record under the Interactions > Notes tab.