This issue can be caused either by file corruption or by a network disconnection issue.
1.  Process the Error log to determine if there was any corruption on files.
2.  If there are no file errors for the posted date in the report, then this issue was caused by a network disconnection.

Key in manual journal entries for the amounts that did not post in General Ledger.


1.  The checks can be voided in AP.  This will move the obligations for these checks back to the Invoice folder.
2.  From the New Manual Check folder under the bank in Accounts Payable, click New.
3.  Select Existing Obligation, select Invoice Stage, click OK.
4.  Individually type in each obligation number or click on the Obligation Selector to select each obligation.
5.  Type in the check number for the obligation.  If you receive the warning that the check number has already been used, click ok on this message and continue.
6.  Click OK and click Post.
7.  You should receive messages that the batch has posted to GL, and that FI has been successfully updated.