1. Open Report Manager, highlight the report
2. Click Produce
3. Click Employee Selector
4. Highlight .STATUS from the data item list
5. Verify the radio button for Select Criteria Inclusion is set to Include
6. Enter a capital A for both the First and Last Value
7. Click Add
8. Click OK on the Employee Selector window
9. Click OK on the Report

If the correct employees are not extracting, try the following.

1, Make sure you have a division backup or copies of ##pyi and ##pyi.idx (where ## is your division number).
2, Delete ##pyi and ##pyi.idx with no one in payroll.
3. In Divsion 00, System Utilities run Program Name:  PYL902 Switches: <blank>  Parameters: <blank>. Use the default date and select your division.

Log back into Fundware and try the report again.