Neither the credit card nor the token is ever stored on any workstation or server for any length of time after the data entry has occurred.  As the credit card number is entered into The Raiser's Edge, depending on what workstation(s) the data is being entered on, that is where the credit card is encrypted and sent to Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS) securely. The credit card numbers are temporarily stored in volatile RAM, only as they are being entered, and upon tabbing to the next field/row or saving the record (depending on where you are in the program), the card number is immediately tokenized in BBPS.  When the credit card number is tokenized and converts to the (************2468) format, the session has been opened to the BBPS.

The connection from RE to BBPS uses a 128-bit SSL connection to transmit the data back and forth, so the connection is secure. 

This method has been thoroughly audited and is included in Blackbaud’s PA-DSS certification.