1.  Login at the Terminal Server/Citrix Server using the Windows login and password of the person who received this message.
2.  Launch Windows Explorer.
3.  Browse to the FundWare/7.xx/Bin directory.
4.  Double click SetTTY.exe.
5.  Mark the Terminal Server check box.
6.  At New TTY Value, assign a TTY number starting with 0 and having a total of 4 digits, i.e. 0123.
7.  Repeat the same steps for any other FundWare user who needs to use FundWare through a Terminal Server/Citrix Session.   Login using their Windows login and give each user a unique/different TTY number. 

There is a good explanation of how settty.exe works with the entries in regedit and the equivalent Station Id in the System Administration User Guide. This guide can be found on your system under FundWare\data\user Documentation or on our website.  See Appendix E for details.  Changes should be made generally through Settty as it will integrate over to the registry entries.