Error: SSN must be unique - when creating a new record

When entering Social Security Number on a Record, you may receive an error of "SSN must be Unique"
This error occurs when there is another record in the system that also has that Social Security Number. The SSN can only be listed once in the entire system.

This can include: 
  • Duplicate record with the same SSN
  • Student is also listed as a Faculty or Individiual Record 
  • The record with that SSN has been deleted, and the system is returning the error. 

To resolve this Error, try the following items in order until the issue is resolved. 
  • Search for a Duplciate Student Record
  • Query for that Specific SSN number
  • Search Faculty and Individual Record

If there is no duplicate record, and the Query did not return any results, then it may be that the Record that contained the SSN originally was deleted. 

When attempting to add a new student record for a person who had been previously deleted, you receive the error: SSN must be unique. The software still recognizes the old record as existing; however, it cannot be opened because it has been previously deleted.  The record appears in record searches and record queries however it does not open; when attempting to open the record through the query, the error: The specified record could not be found.  The record has either been deleted or you do not have rights to view it.

To correct the error: 
Contact Support and reference this article. 


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