First enter the donation as a general donation in the event.
1. Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon > (Event Name) > Bookkeeping > Single Gift Entry.
2. Next to Search For Donor, click New
3. When the option comes up to "Search For Participant, Team or Group", click None.
4. Fill out all of the donor's information and click Submit.
5. On the Dedication screen make sure to select Recognition From: Anonymous.
6. If you want this to eventually show on the participant's scroll, you can select "In Support Of" and fill out the name.
7. Click Submit. This will send a donation confirmation to the donor only.
Now, go back into the record and credit it to the specific participant.
1. Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon > (Event Name) > Bookkeeping > Manage Initiative Records.
2. Select the Donors radio button and search by Last Name: Starts With: (last name of donor).
3. Next to the donor's name, click Edit.
4. On this first screen, select the radio button next to Credit Participant.
5. Search for the participant and select the radio button next to his or her name.
6. Click Save.
This will NOT prompt an email to be sent to the participant, but it will now show as an anonymous donation on his or her page.

As a Donor:
1. Navigate to the participant's page
2. Enter the donation amount and click Submit
3.  Complete the donor and billing information. 
  • Please Note: The donor name listed on this page is what will be sent in the confirmation and notification email for the donor and participant. If, as a donor, you request no contact information be known to the participant, then type First Name as "Anonymous" and Last Name as "Donor".  If, as a donor, you approve of the participant knowing who donated, but you wish for the website to display your name as Anonymous, enter correct information for the Donor section of the form, and proceed to Step 4 accordingly.
  • Please enter valid billing name and address information.  The participant will not have access to the billing information. 
4. Click Continue to proceed to the Honor Roll Scroll text page. 
  • This allows you to customize how the donation will show on the Honor Roll Scroll only.
5. For the 'Recognition From', choose Anonymous.  Complete any additional information as needed.
6. Click Continue