The Auto Synchronization feature in The Raiser's Edge Sphere Connector is based on the interval time set up by the user.  If a user sets the Auto Sync to run every 24 hours, it will add 24 hours to the last synchronization time.  

For example,  a user manually synchronizes at 1PM on Monday, then enables the Auto Sync feature at the 24 hour interval setting.  On Tuesday, the synchronization will occur at 1PM, then again on Wednesday and so forth until a user disables the Auto Sync tool.
Note: Many organizations prefer the auto-sync to run early in the morning (ex: 4AM), but there are no users in the office to initiate a sync at that time.  

In order to set up 4AM as the auto-sync time, the organization can use the 12 and 24 hour features of the Sync options. To accomplish this:
  1. First initiate a manual sync during the day at 4PM (or 12 hours after the actual desired time).
  2. Once the manual sync completes, turn on the auto-sync option to run every 12 hours. This means that the next sync will occur at 4AM.
  3. When returning to the office the next day, the auto-sync can be disabled, and then re-enabled to sync on a 24 hour basis.
Since the last sync was performed at 4AM as part of the previous auto-sync cycle, the new auto-sync will use that 4AM time when it calculates the next auto-sync. This process is outlined below:
Day 1
4PM - Initiate a manual sync. Once the sync completes, set up the auto-sync to run every 12 hours.
Day 2
4AM - The auto-sync schedule runs a sync based on the 12 hour interval setup.
Anytime before 4PM, a user can disable the auto-sync. Then, turn it back on with instructions to run every 24 hours.
Day 3
4AM - The auto-sync schedule runs a sync based on the new setup because it has been 24 hours since the last sync.