6. Hit enter at the blue screen.
7. The DOS prompt appears.
8. At the DOS prompt, type: del  tp*.* (press enter)
9. Type: dir sye*.* (press enter)  It should say "File not found."
10.Type: dir  *.sq (press enter).  It should say "File not found."

(In the following steps, instead of ##, type in your 2 digit division number)

11. Type: copy   ##otv*.*    xxotv*.* (press enter). 
12. Type: rebuild  ##otv   /e (press enter).

(You should receive the message "rebuild successful" when it completes.)

13. Type:  rename  ##oti*.*  xxoti*.*  (press enter)
14. Type:  exit  (press enter)
15. In the menu bar, select System Administration, select System Utilities. 
16. Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:

     Program Name                 OTS990
     Switches                     <leave blank>
     Parameters                   <leave blank>
     Business Date                Use today's date
     Division                     Select the appropriate division.
     Click Run.
     At Are your entries correct? Select Y.
     At Are you sure you want to do this? Select Y.
     When complete, press Esc to get back to the menus and you may continue working.