1. Open the constituent record for the registrant for the guest. 
  2. Select the Events tab. 
  3. Double-click the appropriate event (or add a new one). 
  4. On the General tab, click the Guests button. 
  5. Click New Guest. 
  6. Select whether the guest is an individual or organization and click OK. 
  7. If the guest is a nonconstituent, type the guest's last name in the Last Name field.
    If the guest is a constituent, click the binoculars button and search for and select the appropriate constituent. 
  8. Enter any additional information. For constituents, the name, address, and phone number are automatically populated from the constituent record. 
  9. Click Save and Close to save the guest record.  
  10. Close the Guests for... window. 
  11. Select Participant from the menu bar, Go To, (Guest name). 
  12. Mark guest's response on this guest record. 
  13. Save and close.