1. Log in to Division 00, System Administration and select Division Maintenance.
  2. Highlight the division with the incorrect name and click Back Up.
    This back up will be located in the FundWare/Data/Backup directory.
  3. Locate the back up and move it to a safe location that is not the FundWare/Data/Backup folder.
  4. In Division Maintenance, highlight and Delete the division.
  5. Click New to recreate the division. 
    a. Enter the division number
    b. Enter the appropriate new name and description.
    c. Click OK
  6. Highlight the newly created division and click Backup.
    You can delete this empty back up to avoid confusion.
  7. Find the original back up from steps 2-3. 
    Move this back up to the FundWare/Data/Backup directory.
  8. Click Restore and select the back up from steps 2-3.
  9. Grant users security access to the division.