There is not an option to add access to the Media tab of a student record within Faculty Access for the Web.  You can instead give teachers access to the Media tab of student records in The Education Edge.

  1. In Administration, then click Set up system security.
  2. Create a new user group.
  3. Make sure only the Registrar's Office option is checked on the left side of the window.
  4. Highlight Registrar's Office in the left side, and on the right side of the window, make sure only the Records option is checked. 
  5. Highlight Records, and click Options, and make sure only the checkbox for the Media row and View column is checked.
  6. Save and Close this new user group.
  7. Open the teacher or teachers you want to give access to and add that user group to their groups. It may be necessary to change their settings from User can only access online modules to User can access The Education Edge and online modules.
Depending on the number of Education Edge licenses available, you may not be able to give all of your teachers access to The Education Edge in this way. Another solution you could use is to put the PDF files on a shared drive, and then have a Registrar's Office user add a Student Note with the file path. Please refer to How to add notes to a student record in Faculty Access for the Web.