1. Create a new constituent query.
  2. On the Criteria tab, filter on Constituency -> Constituency Code one of [all desired values]
    AND Constituency -> Constituency date from between [desired range]
  3. On the Output tab, select Constituency -> Constituency Code and Constituency -> Constituency date from.
  4. Click Run Now.
  5. Save this query, then close it.
  6. Go to Reports, Pivot Reports.
  7. Create a new Pivot report.
  8. Click the binoculars in the Select Query field, and search for the query created in Steps 1-5.
  9. Mark the Refresh Pivot data on each run checkbox.
  10. Click Generate.
  11. Place the Constituency Code field in the Row area.
  12. Place the Constituency Date From field in the Column area.
  13. Place the Constituent Count field in the Detail area.
This will give you a chart of the number of constituents that have the selected constituent codes broken down by the Date From value.