1. Once the client is on 7.60 they use a Fundware Registration Key which includes PaperSave.  On Division Backups, it is checked to see whether PaperSave has actually been installed.  
  2.  The PaperSave employees are the ones who do the PaperSave installation.
  3. Once PaperSave has been installed, Division Maintenace will automatically include a backup of the PaperSave database, with a similar naming convention for our current divisions. In addition to AFW95_20101014101317.bak, there would be another named  PS95_20101014101317.bak.
  4. Within sql itself, the Papersave databases have different names than what you see from the Fundware backup. There will be further instructions as to what table can be opened to see which FW division the Papersave database is for.
  5. When bringing in data for general purposes, it should seldom be necessary to include the PaperSave database.
  6. If PaperSave is installed after the divisions exist, which would be the normal case, the AP Module, Open has to be accessed in order for the PaperSave database to be created.
  7. If a new Fundware Division is added after PaperSave is installed, the PaperSave database will be automatically created at that time.
  8. The addition of PaperSave will add icons to some of the Accounts Payable Screens, such as PO and Invoice entry where it can be seen whether a document is linked to the obligation or has yet to be added.  There will not be any PaperSave icons on other module screens.
  9.  PaperSave will work with both Pro and Enterprise, although Enterprise should be the norm. It will work with Sql Express (2005 and 2008)  in addition to full blown sql.