1. Go to Communities > Forms > Registration
  2. Hover over your form name and click Website Info
  3. Click Registration Form Options
  4. Click Edit next to registration type
  5. Under the General Information tab, change the quantity from 1 to the number of seats available at the table. This quantity defines the number of registrations received with one purchase of this registration type.
  6. Click the Advanced tab
  7. Mark the check box next to collect guest information
  8. Click Save
  9. Return to the Webinfo Checklist and click Publish This Event Now

Please Note: If you have a maximum number of table sales, you can enter the max through the fee's Advanced tab. The total should equal Number of seats x number of tables available total. For example, if 3 tables can be purchased, the max is 30. Also note, that the table registrations will only show those who have registered with a guest. If the registrant registers by themselves, they will not be part of table registration.