Part I: Create the attribute

  1. In The Raiser's Edge, go to Config, Attributes
  2. Highlight Constituent
  3. On the right, place your cursor in the first blank line
  4. In the Description column, enter a name for the attribute, which will appear as the Attribute Category on the constituent record (i.e. 'Dinner Preference')
  5. In the Data Type column, select Text
  6. Mark the 'Active' checkbox at the end
Part II: Create the Event Profiling question:
  1. Go to NetSolutions, NetEvents and open the appropriate NetEvent
  2. Click Next to the "Event Profiling" page
  3. In the 'Profiling Question' column enter the question that you want to appear on the website (i.e. 'Would you like chicken, fish, or vegetarian?')
  4. In the 'Attribute to Use' column, pull in the attribute name, created in step #4 above (i.e. 'Dinner Preference')
  5. Click Next to the end and click Finish to save the changes