Step One: Merge the Existing Team into Another Team
This will prompt the existing team to be deleted, and the Team Captain will become a Team Member of the second team.

  1. Go to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Build Your Own Event (Custom FAF)
  2. Click on the event name
  3. Click on the Administer tab
  4. Click on Teams
  5. Select the team name of the team that you wish to delete
  6. Once the team name is highlighted, click Merge Teams
  7. Select another team
  8. Click Merge
Step Two: Remove the Participant from the Team
  1. On the Administer tab, click Contacts
  2. Search for the participant
  3. Click Manage next to the record to be edited
  4. Next to Team Information, click Change
  5. Choose the radio button: Become an Individual Registrant (remove contact from any existing team)
  6. Click Save