Try each of the following steps to resolve this issue:
  1. Verify that records appear in the results of the selections that are assigned to the letter:
    1. Go to Marketing and Communications > Acknowledgments > Highlight the appropriate letter and click Edit.
    2. Take note of the Selection(s) that are chosen under "Selections of constituents to receive this letter:"
    3. Go to Analysis > Ad-hoc Query Search and double-click to open the query used in the process.
    4. Verify that there are records in the results.
    5. If there are no records in the results or the specific record does not exist in the results, check the criteria and modify it if necessary to include the desired revenue.
    6. Go to the Set Save Options and ensure the query is saved as a dynamic selection instead of a static selection. You will need a dynamic selection for a mailing process so your letters will pull new revenue as it is added.
  2. ​Verify that the selection doesn't include the application details\Designation\Designation record field in the output
  3. Ensure that this type of revenue is selected in the reporting filters
    1. In Revenue, Reporting Filters, click on the Revenue filters tab.
    2. Click on the default filter, click Edit.
    3. Make sure that each revenue type you want to acknowledge is marked and the appropriate transaction type is selected.
    4. Make sure you have marked off revenue types for orders and back office payments.  For example, if you sold a membership in Daily Sales, mark off membership under order.  If you entered a membership in the back office on the constituent record, mark off membership under Payment. 
  4. Verify that the records to be included are not marked as Acknowledged:
    1. Click Revenue > Transaction search
    2. Search for and select the transaction
    3. Look under the Status section and confirm the acknowledgment status does not say Do not send acknowledgments
    4. If it it does say Do not send acknowledgments click edit payment > Un-mark do not acknowledge
    5. Click save
  5. If the revenue record is marked as Acknowledged but you still need to acknowledge it in this process:
    1. On the revenue record that needs to be acknowledged, select the Letters tab
    2. Highlight the letter and click Delete.
  6. Verify that the Individual or Organization's mailing preferences reflect that they would like to receive Acknowledgment Letters:
    1. On the Constituent Record > Navigate to the Communication Tab
    2. Under Preferences ensure that Acknowledgments is not listed with the send setting set to no
    3. Select the arrows to the left of this preference > Select Edit
    4. Update the setting to Send Acknowledgment Letters > Save
  7. Check that Name and Address Formats were specified in Address Processing and Name Formats
    1. In Marketing and Communications, Processing options section, click Edit.
    2. Review the selections made for Address Processing and Name Formats.
    3. Specifically for Address Processing Options, click the organizations tab. If mailing to contacts at the organization, make sure that at least one type of contact is selected.
    4. Use the drop down list to select another format or edit the existing format by clicking the pencil.
  8. Move the acknowledgement up in the order. There may be an acknowledgement higher up that could cause a conflict.
    1. In Marketing and Communications > Acknowledgements, click the green downward arrows next to the acknowledgement name
    2. Click the Move up arrow to move the acknowledgement to the top of the list
    3. Make sure the transaction is not an unresolved online sales order
      1. Click Sales > Unresolved Online Sales Orders
      2. Resolve the order 
    4. Run the Acknowledgements again.
      1. In Marketing and Communications, select Acknowledgements.
      2. Click Run Acknowledgements.
      3. Download the results on History tab.