Note: If you are the Sphere administrator, we recommend that you set up funds and fund designations ahead of time to allow gift entry.
In Sphere, all gifts received from donors must be allocated to a fund.
If you plan to export gift information to a General Ledger (GL) using Financial Link, you also need funds as you will assign them to GL accounts.
Sphere comes with a default fund, called the Sphere Default Fund, which is created to ensure that every transaction is associated with a fund.

A fund designation puts a marketing face to a fund, and enables donors to explicitly state what their charitable gifts are to be used for. For example, a donor can explicitly state that his/her gift is to be used to support Lung Cancer. The user can make this selection from a form in a CMS Web site or event page, or you can enter the designation in Sphere (via Gift Entry or Import Center). You need to first create a fund before you can create designations for that fund, and you can create as many designations as you need. When you first create a fund, it will be undesignated. You can later create designations for the fund. If a fund designation is not specified during gift, the gift will be flagged as undesignated in the database.

A fund type enables you to categorize a fund (e.g., Restricted, Unrestricted, or Temporarily Restricted). These categorizations enable you to determine how the fund will be used by your organization.

To be able to select a fund or fund designation during the gift entry, you need to set it to active.