CSC is failing when processing transaction even with CSC security set to None in the merchant account

The CSC level of security in the merchant account is set to 'None'.  When '000' is placed in the CSC field, the transaction still does not process because of an invalid CSC authorization.
In the event the CSC level is set to 'None' in the merchant account, the transaction may still be declined. This is because some processors require a CSC check. For those processors, if the CSC level is set to ‘None’, the transaction can still be declined because although BBNC nor BBPS is not performing a CVV check, the processor still requires that a check be performed and can reject/decline the transaction.

Note: The CVV code will always be required on the donation form. No setting that is entered on the merchant account settings will prevent the need to submit a CSC value to the BBNC form. A CVV entry will be required for all BBNC transactions.

Setting the CSC level to 'None' would not be considered a best practice. Blackbaud recommends that this setting be set to 'Light' or 'Full'.


 6.15.465, patch 46

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