Prerequisites to uninstall SQL Server:
  1. Review system requirements:
    • FundWare - Terminal Server Professional
    • FundWare - Standalone Server Professional
    • FundWare - Terminal Server Enterprise
  2. If upgrading FundWare, contact Support to request your 7.60 registration number.

To remove SQL 2005/SQL 2000, you need to perform the following:
  1. Login as the local administrator
  2. Open a DOS Command window by clicking Start, Run and entering CMD and click OK
  3. Enter the command: NET STOP MSSQLSERVER and press Enter
  4. Close the DOS Command window
  5. Browse to the location of your SQL databases
    • - (SQL 2000 default location) Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLData
    • - (SQL 2005 default location) Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL.1MSSQLData
  6. Copy the AFW databases to a backup folder. All Fundware Database files start with AFW
    • - DO NOT copy the Master, Model and TempDB databases
  7. Uninstall your version of SQL via Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel
  8. Reboot the FundWare Server
Post Installation Tasks:
  1. Blackbaud recommends SQL 2008 with FundWare 7.60 FundWare