Error: An unknown error occurred during the request. This could indicate a request to an invalid endpoint or problem with the web server configuration

This error may occur in various areas of the software.  Some tasks that may experience this error are: when searching for patrons from Daily Sales or Advance Sales, when refunding a large order, when sending email appeals, when attempting to add a membership from a constituent record.  This is a performance-related error, meaning that a task in Altru is taking so much resources that it is timing out.

Try the following in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Confirm your internet connection is working properly, go to and attempt to complete a search
  2. Close your browser completely and log back into Altru again
  3. Restart your workstation
If you are doing a specific task in Altru that is taking a large amount of resources, such as refunding an order of 2500 tickets, try refunding another way.  For example, if you only need to refund a few tickets, just refund those few instead of refunding the entire order and ringing the order up again.  


 2.7, patch 14

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