To run the Daily Earnings Report:

  1. From Payroll, select Reports, select Predefined Reports, and select Daily Earnings.
  2. Complete the fields as desired, or Enter through all fields leaving defaults to see all the history.
  3. At Item selection = 1, press ESC, type in E to End, and press Enter to accept.
  4. Type in N to confirm you do not want another report.
  5. Click on File, select Print Manager.
  6. The file name for the report is PYDEARN.L##.

To purge timesheet history:

  1. Do a Division backup.    
  2. Make sure all users are out of Payroll.
  3. From Payroll, select Processing, select Periodic Processing, and select Purge Timesheet History.
  4. Enter the ending date of the period for which you are purging timesheet history.
  5. Press Enter and a confirmation message displays.
  6. Type Y to accept your entries and purge the timesheet information.
  7. When the process is complete, another message displays.  Press Enter to exit the task and close the window.
  8. Locate the PYCEmpInqUtil.exe executable file in the FundWare/7.xx/Bin folder on the server.
  9. Double-click to open the Build/Repair Employee Inquiry Table.  This utility will synchronize your data following this purging process.
  10. Enter the correct data drive, data directory, and division (or accept the defaults).
  11. Click Build/Repair.  When the process has completed successfully, a message displays, and click OK.