Constituent Loyalty determines a loyalty category based on gifts given on an annual basis and assigns these categories to constituents: 
  • New: Gift within 1 year of As Of Date.
  • Multi: Gift each year, based on As Of Date. The smart field value also displays the number of years. For example: Multi (3 years) 
  • Lapsed: No gift in the current year, a gift in the previous year. The smart field value also displays the number of years the constituent has been lapsed. For example: Lapsed 2yr.
  • Reactivated: Gift in the current year, no gift in the previous year, and a gift in some prior year.
  • Non Donor: No gifts in the past 10+ years based on the As Of Date.
For more information on each category, see: Calculation for Loyalty

Note: In Altru, this calculation smart field considers Donations, Event Registrations, and Memberships in the calculation. In addition the "As Of Date" in Altru, is the date the smart field is last processed.